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13 500+ paternity tests
performed since 2008
  • 99.99% detection rate of absence or prescence of paternity relationship.
  • Tests carried out in a laboratory with 10 years experience in DNA testing.
  • More than 10 000 DNA tests performed every year.
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Free Yourself from Doubt

If you are in doubt about paternity, only a DNA paternity test will let you know the truth.
The DNA paternity test is the most scientifically accurate method to determine paternity.

  • Our tests are carried out in an ISO 17025 accredited environment.
  • More than 10 000 DNA tests performed every year.
  • Test can be carried out on hair or a used tissue ... (optional)
    the sampling kit can be sent in an unmarked envelope..
    Your Results are sent to you by email.
  • Data is processed securely and not sent to any third party.
Gain some trust for yourself and your family, by ordering your test now.

"Am I really the father?"

A paternity test will provide you with the certainty that there is a paternity relationship between you and the tested child.
In other words, if the child is not yours, the results of your paternity test will inform you.

What does a DNA paternity test involve?

A paternity test involves taking a DNA sample from 2 people, then comparing them to determine whether or not there is a paternity relationship.
A DNA sample must therefore be taken from the two people involved in the test.

  • DNA is sampled by taking saliva with a cotton swab, but it can also be done more discreetly from other elements such as hair, a tissue etc.
  • The laboratory analyses the two DNA samples to determine scientifically whether there is a paternity relationship.
  • If there is no paternity relationship, our tests can give a 99.99% accuracy.
  • Finally, you will receive your results by email.

Do you offer discreet paternity test?

We can therefore perform the test by taking the DNA from one of the following:
hair, nails, used toothbrushes, used cotton swabs, used tissues, cigarette butts etc.
All you need to do is take the item (e.g. the used tissue) and put it in the envelope (provided) and then send everything to us.
Important: the item must not have been in contact with other people or animals.

Find out more about our "discreet" option.

What are DNA Paternity test stages?

In order to perform the paternity test, we need two samples containing DNA.

  • Order your kit by telling us the address to which you want us to send the discreet envelope.
  • We will send you an envelope containing two sampling kits.
  • Take the DNA samples. You can either collect saliva with the cotton swab provided.
  • Put the two samples in the envelope provided
  • Put the two envelopes and the form in the envelope provided
  • Post the envelope to us.
  • You will receive your results by email a few days after.

The laboratory:

  • The paternity tests are carried out in an accredited laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025 & AABB)
  • Personnel specialized in DNA testing
  • Mastery of the most advanced paternity testing techniques.
  • Exclusive use of quality materials and DNA sequencers.
  • Regular audits to ensure quality service.

Our DNA paternity test is 99.99% accurate for "exclusion" tests - cases where the alleged father is not the biological father.
When the alleged father is in fact the biological father, this is known as "inclusion". In such cases our test is 99.9% accurate.
Unlike other laboratories, we can perform additional tests either by testing an additional person (e.g. the mother) or by using a greater number of markers.

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